Repetition/Recognition – Glaubst du an die Unsterblichkeit der Seele? will bring together a select group of musicians and dancers for a week to create a showcase on 29 May that will try to find an intimate relationship between sound and movement inspired by both ritual and spontaneity. This will be the first of a series of performances lead by director Frederic Wake-Walker throughout the Mica Moca summer.

Artists include: Minako Seki dancer, Ahmed Soura dancer, Johannes Lauer trombone, Bodek Janke drums, Phillip Gropper saxophone

Frederic Wake-Walker from the UK is an international opera director who has directed shows at Glyndebourne, La Monnaie, Scottish Opera. With his own company, Mahogany Opera he produces site-specific productions and is currently one of the team running Mica Moca – Project Berlin.

Minako Seki
When inside of you a hungry parasite makes itself
noticed by its greedy smacking, living from your
memories, then feed it with your body as well until
constantly growing
it has devoured all of you.
Then let it dance.
That is all.

Ahmed Soura from Burkino Faso is a choreographer and dancer in the performances: «ATO» and «Rien ne m’appartient», «La Belle Poubelle» with Karl Parquema. «Yako» with Marius Moguiba. «Vision Autre» with Eloïsha Katiyo. He is currently performing in Schlingensief’s production Via Intolleranz.

Johannes Lauer from Germany is a leading figure in the Berlin jazz scene, playing in the Berlin Art Orchestra, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, Lauer Large and the Jazz Kollectiv Berlin. He is currently performing in Schlingensief’s production Via Intolleranza.