What is it all about?


Mica Moca is an explosion of possibilities
We open up space – both real and conceived:

to provoke new ways of doing and thinking
to challenge social norms and hierarchies
to mix cultures and clash genres
to bring people together in real time and space

We are artistically responsive to our environment and politically active to the situation

Let´s have a detailed look:


All started in Berlin. In summer 2011 an old safe factory was home for our artistic project

2015 Mica Moca was part of the Avignon festival presenting DAS HAUS

Our concept we set into reality in Berlin was a role model for Folkwang University Essen in 2015

We organised In between Festivals during European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016

Tempelhof Airport was opened up to artists, ideas and dinner gatherings in 2019, tree planting campaign included

Mica Moca organised the public reading festival Literature on the Park Bench in 2021


Frederic Wake-Walker is artistic director of international touring company, Mahogany Opera Group and a freelance opera director and producer. He was awarded Best Director at the inaugural Oper! Awards in 2019.

Christophe Knoch was spokesperson for the Coalition of the Independent Scene in Berlin having worked previously for Christoph Schlingensief and various theaters and opera houses across Germany and Belgium (Düsseldorf, Dortmund Bielefeld, La Monnaie). He currently is involved in different projects developing and repurposing spaces for arts, such as Toplocentrala in Sophia, Bulgaria and Pickle Factory in Kalkutta, India.

Christian Anslinger holds a degree in political science and works as a project manager for cultural events. With his company corange, he offers the complete online package for companies, from website to image film to search engine optimization. His most recent project was the Festival Literatur auf der Parkbank (Literature on the park bench), which plays in public spaces.

Albrecht Sprenger is engaged in commercial and consulting activities, especially in the field of culture-related businesses. Self-employed in the field of culture, gastronomy and non-profit institutions with a focus on issues of culture and space, urban development and cultural promotion.