presents : SYNO

‘If one looks back at one life’s life, it’s like seeing a series of different people.’
We want to invite the audience to an experimental journey of transforming bodies in space and time.
dancing: Camilla Milena Feher Ulrich, N.N.
sound composition: Tobias Fuchs
idea, choreography: Ida Sons

presents : Is It Still Far Away The Sea?

Find your way inside our wooden igloo, bed yourself for the dark season and dream of all those summers to come. An excursion into the wide that lies inside.
sound: Jan Sonnenberg
installation: Anja Stachelscheid

presents : Winterreise (Müller/Schubert)

An actress and a tapdancer play the lonely protagonist in Schubert’s “Winterreise”. The performance becomes an endless loop.
“As a stranger I arrive, as a stranger again I leave.” What else is there left to say? Still the dancer taps on…
acting: Susanne Meyer
tap dancing: Mayte Rodríguez Junker
direction, dramaturgy: Sabrina Hofer | Susanne Meyer | Mayte Rodriguez Junker