Berlin und Istanbul : Tell Me

Miss Universe : Beauty Pageant Final
Insel Inal – Tell me a Message

The “Berlin und Istanbul: Tell Me” event which follows suit same points between the theory of prosthetic memory and random access memory (RAM) is aimed to construct a platform in which the communications will be questioned in the model of powers, capitalist production and consumption were builded. The event incarnated in the bodies – and with “bodies” – through the performance days is aimed also to create an experience will be composed Firat Arapoglu, Deniz Aygün Benba and ?nsel ?nal from Istanbul and 3 performance artists from Berlin in the shape of defining the lack of dialog pointing out a prosthetic memory.

Curator: Firat Arapoglu
Participants: Firat Arapoglu | Insel Inal | Deniz Aygün Benba