NFW SELECTIONS & KiM presents Trembling Walls


presents : Kreutzer Sonata

A stranger sits opposite you on a train. What might he talk about?
The Kreutzer Sonata based on Tolstoi delves into the precariously balanced psyche of a jealous husband. One actor, one musician and one piano tell the story.
music | piano: Victor Nicoara
idea | acting: Ionut Chiriac

presents : Exempli gratia 01: In a whale’s jaw

Attempt of transforming a building into an animal.
What does Moby Dick exactly talk about? If you find someone that tells you, do not believe him. What one can do is isolating some of its hearts. And start listening to them. But we will have either no man in our boat, who is not afraid of a whale.
Any kind of whale.
acting | voice: Lukas Rüppel | Jonathan David Mellor | Charlotte Godwin | Kate Seley | Garrett Wall | Angela Comeras | Adela Bravo Sauras
music: Artur M. Vidal
installation, dramaturgy and direction: Alfonso Ruano Canales | Adela Bravo Sauras

KiM presents Trembling Walls

KiM Physical Theater will present “Trembling Walls” , our most recent performance at the end of September, as one of the closing events of Mica Moca Project Berlin, which has been one of the most exciting and wonderful site- specific locations. In the project “Trembling Walls” we confront ourselves creatively, openly, visually and physically with different sources of beliefs. We want to embody them and we would like you to witness that.