Light Bulb Music

Light Bulb Music

Michael Vorfeld’s Light Bulb Music is an audiovisual performance dealing with sounds generated by different light bulbs and actuating electric devices. The changes in the light intensity, the incandescence of the filaments and the rhythmic variety of the flickering and pulsing lights is directly transformed into a comprehensive and microcosmic electroacoustic world of sound.

Tetsuya Umeda is an artist currently working in Osaka, Japan. He has done
several sound installation projects and performance that generates site-
specific soundscape using minimal function of electric circuit/system and
simple physical phenomena. He has collaborated, among others, with Otomo
Yoshihide and Kanta Horio, as well as performed with Kasumi Trio, together
with Takashi Ueno, Shinsuke Michishita (LSD March) and Ikuro Takahashi
(Fushitsusha, Nagisa Ni Te)