The End of the Dream (comes too soon)

Bankrupt states, extreme weather patterns, nuclear accidents, polar ice melt – everything seems to suggest an imminent crash, and one of our own manufacture. Are we too passive in simply putting together economic and aid packages, or can we overcome the apparently vicious cycle? And can art itself serve to form a new position and even create a new vision? Or is art relegated to the confines of commercial enterprise, to the creation of products by which individuals are exalted for a market-savvy one-upmanship?

The End of the Dream features over 30 internationally renowned artists and three co-curators, invited by curator, Nicole Loeser. From 31/08/2011 to 03/09/2011 their work will be installed in a former safe factory in Wedding. In addition to an exhibition of paintings, videos and installations, the program will include performances, artist talks and lectures.

Realizing the dream of an independent experiment, the goal of the Mica Moca Project-Berlin and now Nicole Loeser is to create a place for utopian dreams and alternate worlds. Wedding is currently in transition; with respect to other parts of Berlin, this ungentrified area with vast offerings of open space is now being bought up and commercialized more and more – plastered figuratively as much as literally.
In the end of September the site of this exhibition will also be converted into lofts and offices. Following a sort of rude awakening from the dream of capitalism and the recent months’ market economy, will it be possible for us to dream a new dream?

Coordination: Nicole Loeser | Iris Gamradt-Ruge | Berlind Wagner | Esther Kratz

ARTISTS : Robert Barta | Jérémie Bennequin | Luk Berghe | Marcel Bühler | Matthew Burbidge | Youngjoo Cho | Sébastien Delvaux | Nikolaus Eberstaller | Nezaket Ekici | Megumi Fukuda | Stephanie Gerner | Elmar Hess | Maja Josifovic | Peter Kees | Tessa Knapp | Steve Lambert | Via Lewandowsky | Ari Benjamin Meyers | Jenny Michel | Hajnal Németh | Sophia Pompéry | Jovana Popic | Raha Rastifard | Johanna Thompson | Mehran Tizkar | André Wagner | Hans Winkler | Veronika Witte | Seoung Won Won | Michael Zheng | Greg Murr | Eberhard Bosslet | Karen Scheper

CURATOR : Nicole Loeser

CO-CURATORS : Jung-Me Chai | Maud Piquion | Judith Souriau | Veronika Witte

Invited project “Prints” curated by Maud Piquion and Judith Souriau
with Jérémie Bennequin | Sébastien Delvaux | Megumi Fukuda | Jenny Michel | Michael Zheng

Invited project curated by Jung-Me Chai
with Youngjoo Cho | Seoung Won Won