Urban Wasteland

Urban Wasteland is a live multimedia performance, a blend of graphic art and music in which the audience dives in a space where walls are drawn on and music is played.
Everything is made live, improvised, giving the audience the opportunity to experience the creative process and the interaction between the artists.
Urban Wasteland is a collaborative work, the result of joint research and experimentation made by the graphic artist Iratxe Fernández de las Heras and the composer Ricardo Gosalbo.

Iratxe Fernández de las Heras
Iratxe comes from Spain. She graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, specialising in drawing and, later, learning the art of traditional animation. Nowadays she devotes herself mainly to mural painting and illustration projects.

Ricardo Gosalbo
Ricardo Gosalbo (BMus, Trinity College of Music, London) works freelance as musical director, répétiteur, accompanist, chamber musician and composer. He currently lives in Berlin where he assumes Mumuki Music & Dance Company’s artistic direction.

Anna Nowicka : “dreamworks” [work in process]

Dreamworks is a peep into the dream and image work that I have been developing throughout the year. This insight is an outcome of an intensive period of research with Mala Kline and Natasa Zivkovic in Ljubljana.

For Unaccompanied Drums

For Unaccompanied Drums is the solo project of the drummer Rui Faustino.
In a convencional musical situation the drums are part of a rhythm section, and are expected to groove, to generate rhythm. In a soloing situation, ascending energy and virtuosity are frequent goals to aim for. Rui’s proposal in his soloing appearance is to question these roles and create a space for intimacy and reflexion with the drumset.