Champions League Final – Live

Musiker aus der Produktion Via Intolleranza II von Christoph Schlingensief:

Aus Burkina Faso
Issoufou Kienou, Amado Komi, Abdoul Kader Traore, Nicolas Ulrich Severin, Jean Marie Gomzoubou Boucoungou aka “Chercheur”

mit Johannes Lauer, Bodek Janke und andere.

Anna Nowicka

SAID BOB. [micamoca revisited]

Little by little we are replaced… by uninterrupted chain of images, enslaving one another, each image at its place, as each of us, at our place, in the chain of events on which we have lost all power.
Where does the border between truth and fiction lie?
What lives under the layers of illusion?

a dialogue between the solo: “the truth is just a plain picture. said bob”
(concept, choreography and performance Anna Nowicka
artistic coaching Peter Pleyer
music Tian Rotteveel
technical realization ?ukasz K?dzierski
graphics Filip Gruber Bojovic
visual support Carito Maldonado, Juliane Brösemann
production Art Stations Foundation
with support of Hochschulübergreifenden Zentrums Tanz Berlin (HZT) )
Anna Nowicka: Dancer, choreographer, pedagogue and psychologist, a graduate of the University of Warsaw, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, studying at MA Choreography at Ernst-Busch/HfS. Currently exploring the themes of imagination and dreams.

Henrik Kaalund

im ball

Football contains many basic elements of life; the lust for triumph and proof of self-worth; the challenge of teamwork; pain of defeat and injury; foul play and it is a game that is easy to understand. For many a game more serious than life in general; not to be trifled with and for god’s sake, don’t disturb me when I am watching the game!
We will not. Unless you let us. Out the corner of your eye you can see us, taking our game very seriously, because what we are doing is art. We take the sounds from the game and use them as cues for our own movement purposes.
We manipulate the live sounds from the game, we manipulate the live movements we see, we manipulate the basic elements and transport all of this into something deep and meaningful. Maybe we are not taking it seriously enough. We certainly won’t attack anyone. So, if you feel inclined, you may not lose much by stepping closer and choosing to watch us instead of or parallel to the game, for a little while or a little while longer.
Henrik Kaalund is freelance choreographer and dancer in Berlin. He danced for and toured with Conny Janssen Danst – Rotterdam; Jan Pusch – Hamburg; Felix Landerer -Hannover; Ruiter / Villanueva- Amsterdam, others.
He choreographed for Dortmund Ballet, Ballet Hildesheim, Ballet Greifswald and for many other occasions. He has won several prizes for choreography and dancing, in Hannover, Leipzig, Burgos and elsewhere.
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Jule Flierl

“das ende hört nie auf”

leben is das werdende zu fangen, mein keim, dein spross kann und muss nicht wachsen. wohin wächst was ohne warum einfach nicht loslässt. ich will sterben wenn ich muss. das weiter muss sich ändern um trinkbar zu werden.
Jule Flierl, Tänzerin/Choreografin aus Berlin, arbeitet an einer der Verbindungen von experimentellem gesang, dadaistischen wortspielen und zeitgenössischem Tanz. Ihre Trilogie “Happiness is a war…m gun” 1-3 ist Ausdruck ihrer Langzeit-Recherchen und wurde in diversen Festivals Europas gezeigt. Die Auflösung von Sinn um das Unsagbare anzusprechen ist ihr derzeitiges Hauptinteresse.

Justin Kennedy & Dani Brown

Justin Kennedy and Dani Brown met and began their collaborative connection in Ivo Dimchev’s workshop at Impulstanz Vienna 2010. They use structured improvisation, tasks, and character studies to sharpen their performative presence and to create an open dialogue between themselves and the audience.

Dani Brown was born (1980) and raised in Rochester, NY. She started her Bachelor in dance and choreography at Virginia Commonwealth University, and finished at artEZ College of Art in Arnhem, NL. In 2005 Dani co-founded the network of artists fingersix. She is based in Hamburg, DE and works internationally as choreographer (THE INVITATION, Jan ’08 at Kampnagel), teacher, and performer with Antje Pfundtner, Magga Bjarnadottir, Melina Seldes a.o.

Justin F. Kennedy is a Berlin-based dance artist, teacher, collaborator and choreographer originally from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Since moving to Berlin in 2008, he has worked with choreographers Jeremy Wade, Tomi Paasonen (PAA), Matanicola, Helga Wretman, and Martin Stiefermann and has been a guest artist with Peaches, Faustin Linyekula, Amara Tabor-Smith, Liz Lerman and the Staatoper Unten den Linden Berlin. Justin is currently earning an MA in choreography from Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT) Berlin.