Mica Moca is excited to announce << alarum >>, a two-night festival of short performance from Cambridge. Formed from fragments, miniatures, poetry, corpses, objects, translations, music and other instabilities, << alarum >> will present live work from Cambridge and London, perhaps in the political or hilarious pursuit of something like undermined theatres.

For the first time outside the UK, it will be possible to see a selection of the performance work that has recently been developed or shown in the Judith E. Wilson Studio, Cambridge. Providing a site for collaborative and solo projects, the studio, managed by theatre-maker and writer Jeremy Hardingham, has for seven years now been home to a distinctive collection of performers steeped in liveness and interruptibility. Many of the festival’s participating artists travel there regularly from their practice in London and elsewhere to develop new work, often in collaboration with the city’s poets, academics and students. As a result, the Judith E. Wilson Studio has acquired a growing reputation as a playground for avant-garde performance, theatre and poetry within the UK..

Including work by Ollie Evans | Irum Fazal | Jeremy Hardingham | Emma Hogan | Lisa Jeschke & Lucy Beynon | Simon Kane | Will Stuart | suite42 | Mischa Twitchin and Tomas Weber.