Song of Songs and other Songs
from early 17th century Italy

Olivia Stahn, Sopran | Tim Karweick, Tenor | Mira Lange, Cembalo | Benjamin Wand, Violone

Morgenvogel Real Estate

Morgenvogel Real Estate has landed at Mica Moca. The project by the Finnish artist Maria-Leena Räihälä invites you to a twittering evening. It features her latest birdhouses built at Mica Moca (thanks also to the Holzwerkstatt in Kulturfabrik Lehrterstrasse), her recent sound sculptures and animations.

Furthermore you’ll see and hear birdy sound modules by Martin Kuentz (from 7 pm) and the bird discotheque by DJ Manuel Bonik (from 9:30 pm). Plus some surprises.