. Die Emotion durch das Bild.
Eine Performance über Einsamkeit im Alter.

Ein Alter Clown, mit berühmter Vergangenheit, der sich einsam dem Ende seines Lebens nähert. Er hat nur noch seine Erinnerungen, Gefühle. Auf was wartet er?!? Wartet er auf jemanden??! Darauf, dass sich etwas ändert … es ist sein Geburtstag.
Eine poetische Performance, mit Maske, auf Stelzen und Saxophon-Begleitung. Eine Fusion von klassischem Theater, Maskentheater, Zirkus und Live-Musik.
Saxophon: Nuno Torres

…is dedicated to expanding the relationship between music/sound, dance/movement improvisation.
…it is amazing to experience how easy and good the abstraction in two fields often fits – for the nature of it, dance and music go together. nothing new, a platitude. seems that instrumental music uses similar abstract forms to communicate as dance does. the moment where there is something more concrete and easier to catch, the recipient associates any action in function and meaning of what the concretest medium describes. grapshade is dedicated to a form of communication which avoids the concreteness. with this it opens spaces to imagination and interpretation in order to work against a populistic way of explanation. simpler: grapeshade wants to explore the field in between black and white, good and bad, rich and poor and millions of other examples of polarization.
…based in Berlin, interested in site specific performances and sharing this experience with the music and dance followers in informal settings, showed their work at Sowieso, Ausland, Farbfernseher, Das Hotel, Ms Hecker, Exploratorium, Wendel, LaborGras, performing at the Elias Canetti Center and the Watertower Festival, July 2011 with support from the Goethe Institut – Bulgaria.