What is wror? wror is a self-created word. It is an attempt to describe the sound you hear and feel, when you have high pressure on your ears. And an attempt to describe the way you see, when your eyes are unable to focus. It is a tautological attempt to define a state of being in between. Being stuffed in the border between outside and inside. The wideness of the compressed perception leaves you feeling numb and deluded.

During the rehearsal process Miriam Welk was wearing glasses which blur her vision thus change perception of the world around her and also her own body. What are the possibilities in movement and sound through the different proportions in this different perceptive space? Shuah Brotherton, Sigrid Rotzler and Andreas Steffen translate the inner state into the wider space through sound and visual composition trying to share the perception of the dancer.
The performance invites the audience to dive into a dimmed and muffled world. To accentuate this, the audience is free to wear glasses with thick lenses and to put dabbers in their ears, to experience the performance with the perception described above.

Dance: Miriam Welk | Music: Andreas Steffen | Projection: Shuah Brotherton | Costumes: Sigrid Rotzler