Everything changes, nothing dies

In 2019, we will take a ship to Alexandria.
We will rehearse on the ship and perform alongside local artists in various cities on the way.
We will exchange artists as we go, bringing others onto the ship to meet and rehearse again on board.
We will travel beyond borders and politics, current preconceptions and methods of working.
We will end at the library in Alexandria – a great source for the shared culture of North Africa, the Middle-East and Europe.

The title of this project is Metamorphosis. Stories will merge one into the other, people will meet who otherwise may not, ideas will be shared and opinions confronted. We will delve deep into our shared past, while creating work that looks idealistically into the future.

The content on the journey will be part curated and part left open to chance meetings. This will be woven together by a single song that will grow and change over the course of the journey.
The artists will come from a diverse range of backgrounds and genres. They will all be expert in their particular field and open to collaboration and adventure.

The project will link cities and countries from across North Africa, the Middle-East and Europe. Artists will share ideas and experience, partner organisations will come into dialogue with each other, audiences will feel connected across geographic and cultural boundaries – the result will be a complex network of cultural discourses that both complement and clash.

The Ship

Will be testing a new form of green energy. Will be able to hold up to 100 people on board. Will be equipped with digital technology able to document and stream the events on the boat.


We will work closely with at least one major partner in each city. Typically a venue or a festival who can provide the space, technical and staffing needs for the local performances as well as the local publicity and communications. They will contribute to the curating of the project by suggesting local artists with whom to engage.


A long list of potential cities includes:

Hamburg, Malmo, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Bergen, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Hull, Lowestoft, London, Brighton, Le Havre, Bordeaux, San Sebastian, Lisbon, Casablanca, Tangier, Gibraltar, Oran, Valencia, Algiers, Barcelona, Palma, Marseille, Tunis, Roma, Palermo, Napoli, Tripoli, Valetta, Catania, Malta, Tirana, Bari, Athens, Izmir, Istanbul, Limassol, Larnaca, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Gaza, Alexandria

We are currently in the process of identifying:

A company who will provide and run the ship, a headline environmental partner, a headline media partner, a partner organisation in each city, a group of advocates and individual supporters, headline artists